Healthy Body, Healthy Mind …

Being sick leaves its mark: Living with pain or fears strains one’s nerves and often leads to feelings of excessive demands and depression.

The holistic treatment of your ailment in our clinic therefore encompasses both the body and the soul: take advantage of the opportunity to discuss issues that are dear to your heart or soul while being far away from your usual environment. Our psychologists care for and advise you in individual interviews or familiarize you with relaxation exercises that reduce stress and help you overcome fears. An additional social and nutritional counseling can be of great benefit to you.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

Stress and hassle are best kept at a distance when the body is freed from excessive muscular tension. The progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson helps in this. With a little practice, a gentle vegetative retuning is achieved in a short time. We perform the progressive muscle relaxation in small groups.

Qi Gong:

Slow movements that are executed in co-ordination with internal images and guided breathing release tension and revitalize the whole body. Regular training leads to beneficial inner calm. Simultaneously you achieve a higher energy level and can prevent disease.

Sleep Disturbances:

Sleep is the most concentrated form of recreation. In order for the falling and staying asleep to successfully take place again, we jointly identify interference factors and develop strategies to eliminate them. In small groups and individual interviews, we show you how to “relearn to sleep”.

Quitting Smoking:

It may initially not be easy, but it is not impossible: in our “Non-smoker training” in small groups, we find the right way for you to renounce nicotine. Of course your willingness and cooperation are key driving elements. But there are methods and individual aids for this purpose that make it possible to deploy a very individual, optimal strategy for you.