The Maxim of the Human Being.

A hospital stay is not a holiday – and you are sure to come to us for good reason. It is usually chronic pain, previous surgeries or other ailments that patients trust us with. We appreciate that trust. And we return it.

Treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself …

… is a simple ethical principle that exists in varying forms in many religions and philosophical world-views. For us it is of far-reaching importance, because in order to treat you properly, we not only see you as a patient – but as an individual personality.

Your individuality is our benchmark. We promote your health with an integrative approach that aims to conserve your independence and self-determination. We believe that our actions and your will can achieve a lot together: That’s why we not only strengthen you physically, but also mentally – with modern treatment methods and proven methods from medicine, science, ergotherapy, physiotherapy and psychotherapy.

Take advantage of the special atmosphere in our clinic for a conscious break from everyday life and stress. For we can achieve a lot for you.