All of Us for You.

Many people work each day to make your stay as pleasant as possible – not only during your treatment and rehabilitation, but also in your free time. We are aware that becoming healthy is not a mechanical process, but the result of the interaction of important factors:

Body, Mind, Heart and Abdomen.

If part of it is ill, the others should do as well as possible. This is ensured by the support of dedicated nurses, therapists and qualified personnel, as well as the leaders of our medical departments:

Elisabeth Eißner

Head Physician Orthopaedics

Dr. med. (YE) Sameer Othman

Head Physician Internal Medicine

Axel Röper

Head of Physiotherapy

Cordula Dalhoff

Head of Nursing Services

Joachim Stapper-Müer


Sabine Bockhorst

Clinic Management