Gentle Therapies with a Strong Impact.

No pain is the same. And nobody feels pain the same way. Whether and how long one wants to live with pain and is able to endure it, is always an individual decision. If you no longer want to, we will make every effort to support you on your way to a better life.

In our Orthopaedic Department, conservative treatments from the general field of orthopaedics are performed. Conservative measures in orthopaedics encompass all treatment concepts that do not include an intervention into the body. For you as a patient, this means shorter recovery time, less agitation and a significantly lower risk. Our individual therapy always has several stages: For which measures help you best, also depends on your condition and your personal requirements. Thus we ensure that the gentlest possibilities are exhausted before we advise the next therapy.

A brief overview of our treatment options:

  • Special orthopaedic pain therapy
  • Treatment of spinal syndromes and degenerative diseases of the locomotor system
  • Post-treatment of spinal operations – for example, after intervertebral disk surgery, including minimally invasive procedures, spinal canal extensions, fusion surgeries and redressement procedures
  • Arthritis Therapy
  • Post-treatment of all artificial joint implants and displacement osteotomy, of the condition after shoulder surgery especially in rotator cuff reconstructions and subacromial decompression
  • Amputation post-treatment including prosthetic fittings.