Fit for the Adventure of Everyday Life.

In ergotherapy, we challenge and support you through a variety of activities, many of which are certainly quite unusual for you – and we motivate you to “do it yourself”. Because chronic and other painful diseases often lead to a restriction of your everyday life, which then become a habit. We will help you to get rid of them.

We offer you a wide range of therapies through which we train movement sequences, activities of daily living and social skills. Everything is beneficial that supports you on the way back to your independence: ergotherapy assumes that being active is a fundamental human need and can act in a way to support the healing process. In this, we focus on proven media and quite different materials and operating procedures. Our declared aim is your independence in everyday life.

In individual and group therapies we offer:

Advice and Training

  • Advice on and supply of aids
  • Workplace counselling
  • Back training

Funktionelles Training

  • Of the hands, arms and shoulders
  • With prosthetics (especially upper and lower leg prostheses)
  • Exercises in activities of daily living such as household training, Brain performance training
  • Exercises to strengthen the cervical spine
  • Joint protection training
  • Art therapy
  • Creative activities

Splint supply

  • Creating and customizing hand and finger splints