Our Mission Statement.

“… Here I am human, here am free!” (J.W.v.Goethe)

The human being with all its needs is the focus of our actions. We, the staff of the Panorama rehabilitation clinic as a specialist clinic with a focus on internal medicine and orthopaedics, treat people after severe acute diseases, when in pain, when suffering from chronic functional limitations or threatening deterioration in their health.

Our strengths, which fundamentally define our quality of care, are based on the formation of interdisciplinary treatment teams. Doctors, therapists and nursing staff have conceptualised their cooperation for the benefit of the patient with the highest possible care quality standards. We thus guarantee exceptional expertise in the areas of diagnosis, therapy, professional care and empathy. We ensure the expertise of our staff through constant advanced training opportunities.

We focus our attention on the individual person with their physical, mental and social needs. Through close cooperation (supply contracts) and a trusting relationship with various health insurance companies, therapists (General Practitioners) and institutions of health and social services, we contribute to ensuring successful rehabilitation and thus the quality of life for our patients in the long term. A pleasant environment in a friendly atmosphere with individual care promotes the well-being of our patients.

Our mission statement is based on the best interests of each person. Our employees work responsibly and in accordance with the latest guidelines.

The employees of the

Reha-Klinik Panorama GmbH