Only the Best for You.

The word certification derives from Latin, from the words “certe” = certain, secure and “facere” = make, create.

We stand for this as well: we assure and reassure ourselves constantly that we make your stay as pleasant as possible. Which we can prove as well:

Certified Again in 2017:

Once again we were able to demonstrate this year that the Quality Management System of our clinic meets the criteria of the criteria of the KTQ procedure in an outstanding way!
Here you get to the certificate.

Certified per the KTQ Certificate:

The KTQ certification is a specific certification procedure for Healthcare, currently applied in the areas of hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation clinics, which is supported by the leading associations of the statutory health insurance funds, the “Bundesärztekammer (BÄK)” [German Medical Association], the “Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft (DKG)” [German Hospital Federation], the “Deutscher Pflegerat (DPR)” [German Nursing Council] and the “Hartmannbund – Verband der Ärzte Deutschlands e. V.” [Association of the German Doctors].

The development of the KTQ procedure was originally both financially and conceptually supported by the Federal Ministry of Health in the area of hospitals, and scientifically accompanied by the Institute for Medical Information Processing in Tübingen. The procedure contents for the field of rehabilitation were further developed exclusively by practitioners from rehabilitation clinics and tested in the course of a pilot phase.

Certified according to the RAL Quality Label:

“Nutritional competence, eating the right way” –
Food variety and diets

The RAL quality mark stands for the use of high-quality foods as well as a regional and seasonal selection. All our food is freshly prepared in a nutrient-protective way. Our qualified nutritional team provides professional advice on various types of diet.